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My audit will tell you why and how to improve it.


If your contacts are not opening your emails and you don't know why it can be because your contacts simply don't see your emails - as they end up in spam. Get in touch with me regarding a deliverability audit and I will tell you how to improve it. Higher open rates mean a better relationship with your audience and at the end of the day, also more sales.

What does the audit contain?

  • technical setup (SPF, DKIM, DMARC,...)

  • domain and IP reputation

  • blacklist check

  • list check (spam traps, etc)

  • email content (links, images, spam trigger words)

  • best practices (how often you send emails to your audience, who to, ...)


The audit usually takes 2 weeks. As an outcome, you will receive a report that contains a list of actionable recommendations on what to improve.


Even in a short period of time, you can achieve great results - like for one of my clients where I improved the domain reputation from low to high in just a couple of days (based on Google Postmaster data):

image (6).png

Take a look what my previous clients say about my work.

And when you're ready, schedule a free call with me to discuss more details about your email issues.

Download a free guide

To find out more about email deliverability, click here to download a free guide from Ontraport.


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