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Let the computers do the heavy lifting in your online business.

Your time as a business owner is valuable. You know your clients and your products the best. You shouldn't be spending your time sending emails or invoices. You should work on your business, not in it. Fortunately, we have tools to automate recurring tasks for you. Once you set it up, it will run reliably for years.

Whether you’re just starting with Ontraport or you already have a successful 7-figure business, you can still bring additional value to your business through automation.

Work smarter, not harder. Schedule a call and let's discuss your project.

What would it feel like if you could have an automated system that supports the exponential growth of your business?


Ontraport can offer plenty of valuable plans for your business. The most common are listed below. However, I can offer any help with all Ontraport related matters. Just contact me at


Migration & Setup

Ready to switch to Ontraport? Great decision! I’ll migrate the data from your current CRM and set everything in Ontraport with minimum impact on your clients.

Marketing Automation

Control every aspect of your marketing plan from a single platform. I will map out not only emails and FB ads, but also SMS messages and postcards to provide the best customer experience.

Sales Automation

I’ll build you a system that will process payments, issue invoices, grant access to members-only sections, and process recurring payments even while you sleep. Stop wasting your time doing these things by yourself.


I’ll organize the CRM so that you can get a clear overview of your client data in a single place. 


I’ll make sure that all tools you’re using, communicate seamlessly with Ontraport, through the use of integration tools like Zapier or Fuzed, so that no data is lost.

Account maintenance

A thorough review of all parts of your account, so you can decide which parts should be paused or deactivated.


“So many people just want to get the job done and get paid. With Jan, he really wanted to do an amazing job and add value to the project."

Testimonial - Mahindra Raj
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Mahindra Raj

“Jan is efficient and very easy to work with, explains things clearly, and has always delivered a professional job. I would recommend Jan to anyone sending emails to a list of whatever size - it does make a difference.”

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"Jan was excellent too with and a great help with creating our members site on Word Press. He was very prompt with replying to questions and took the time to run me through how everything worked. He went above and beyond with the project, answering questions and helping me with parts of the project that were unrelated to what he was hired for. I highly recommend working with Jan."

"Jan made this process quick and effective. I had trouble getting my custom email to work on my different platforms. I really appreciate how well he was able to get them ALL to work. Highly recommend!"

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Daniel Sonntag

About Me

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jan Lesanovsky and from my previous experience, I know how tough it can be to manage your time and promote your business effectively. Since 2015 I’ve co-founded several profitable start-ups and built a 7-figure membership website.

In the last couple of years, I used my skills to help many others and turn their business into a well-oiled machine that saves them time.

As one of the few active UK-based Ontraport consultants, I can show you the ins and outs of Ontraport with no strings attached. You’ll get to know how it can help your business, as well as what it can (and can't) do.

Get on a 30-minute call with me, to get a free assessment of your current strategies and find out what should be your next steps to speed up your business growth.

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Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Tel. (+44) 07449 288 693

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